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JUST RELEASED: Matt Stewart’s latest novel, “The Man From KNEW News”

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Go behind-the-scenes of a small town television station and see what it takes to put the daily newscast together with very little resources and a staff of eccentric characters. This humorous look at the absurdities surrounding broadcast news is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

Recent college grad Tate Thompson had just been hired to run the newsroom as the new news director of KNEW News, located in the middle of the Middle West. But during his first week on the job, the station’s general manager is arrested and charged with murder. Believing his new boss to be innocent, Tate goes to work uncovering the truth – and ends up becoming the next target of a ruthless killer.

Hailed as Matt Stewart’s best book since his breakout debut novel, “The Walk-On: Inside Northwestern’s Rise From Cellar Dweller To Big Ten Champs”, this latest addition to your library promises to be a good read and an insightful adventure into the truth of what it takes to put on the nightly news.

To purchase your signed hard copy for the low price of $9.99, click here:

You can also buy BOTH “The Man From KNEW News” and “The Walk-On” for a discount at $15.99.

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Or purchase a signed hard copy of “The Walk-On: Inside Northwestern’s Rise From Cellar Dweller To Big Ten Champ” for $7.99.

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To order, just press on the button below.

To buy the eBook for the Kindle, Nook or iBookstore for $2.99, press on one of the following links below:


“…a tale equal parts perspiration and inspiration…Engrossing…”

                                                                                                                        – Kirkus Reviews

“…a very brave expression and description of four years in the life of a non-scholarship student athlete…”  

                                     – Gary Barnett, Former NU Football Coach


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